Hey! My name is Remy Wharry and I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was young. I’ve participated in various local art shows and community events as a self-taught artist. Acrylic paints and graphite are my medium of choice. I enjoy creating portraits, outdoor scenes, and even more so original works that emerge from my mind. Portraits have always been an exciting challenge for me. Taking time to grapple with the likeness of an image pushes me to grow my skills each time I take on a commission. Most importantly, taking time to create my own original work helps me hone in on my own style of art. My original pieces have meaning to them and I aspire to have the messages I convey on the canvas come across through my brush to the rest of the world. My work is inspired by Afro-American life and beauty. I use my art to be a story teller and messenger. I want my art to inspire others and shine light on the many layers of black life in hopes of being a change agent for reform. I plan to continue to practice and perfect my craft as well as share my knowledge and passion for the arts with the world.

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