Commissions are not always available. Please fill out contact form for interest and I will follow up to confirm consultation or schedule at a later time when I am accepting commissions. 

One person/animal (each additional person/animal is $100


-one color or two toned background

-minimal jewelry

-each additional objects/figure are $50




  • approximately two week turn around time
  • 50% nonrefundable deposit (via square invoice) and contract signed to start. 
  • One sketch, with one revision included (each additional revision and accompanying sketch is $50


Portraits are painted from photos, so please send clear, not blurry photos, at the highest resolution and the largest size possible.  The more clear the photo, the more clear the painting will be. If struggling with resolution, contact me for assistance. 


While on the consultation call, I’ll discuss theme, color choice, mood, as well as if you would like the piece to be a surprise and simply see the final piece as a big reveal or if you prefer updates along the way. Updates would like a midway point picture and a picture sent upon completion. 


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